Obama’s Birth Certificate was “finally” released after Donald Trump gave the “questioning” of it legitimacy.

          The media never vetted his alliances with known terrorists, and the intrigue around the mortgages and property transfers for his Chicago home were never really explained.

      AND not one bit of information about his college records at Occidental, Columbia or Harvard have been made available.

FOUR YEARS NOW, and these things are still hidden from the view of anyone with an interest.

BUT, today, the Huffington Post releases “Hacked” copies of the college records for a potential GOP challenger to Obama. No, not records from any of the DECLARED candidates…. no….. The Huffingto Post reveals the records of Gov. Rick Perry, who despite the certainty that he will enter the race for POTUS 2012, he is still NOT A CANDIDATE.

for the story:     http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/05/rick-perry-college-transcript_n_919357.html?1312559872