Late last night, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels emailed his supporters to thank them, and to announce that his “women’s caucus”, referring to his wife and four daughters, had persuaded him that a run was not in the best interest of the family. “I love my country” he wrote, but “I love my family more!”.

     Given the public spectacle that erupted this week when Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger announced hat they had separated, followed by the revelation of Arnold’s mistress and the love child she gave birth to within a week of the birth of Shriver’s delivery of the couple’s youngest son, one has to wonder if Cheri Daniels, as well as their daughters, were simply not up to the public lashing that would be in store for Mrs. Daniels.

      Always media shy, Cheri Daniels has left it to her husband to field off any questions regarding her leaving not just their marriage, but their daughters, to marry someone else, only to return several years later. Daniels himself simply responds that their marriage has a “happy ending”.

     Given the brutal manner in which the media went after Sarah Palin, her daughters, even the way they attacked Hillary Clinton, one can only imagine that Cheri Daniels would be a target of the Left attacks.

     In the end, Daniels stayed true to his word…. that the family would make the decision together, and together they will not particpate in the 2012 Presidential season.