With all of the pundits calling it a “symbolic” gesture, one that will have “no futher traction”, and a “basic waste of taxpayer time and dollars”, the House of Representatives voted last night to repeal the job-killing legislation known as ObamaCare.

      In line with the Pesident’s call for civil discourse, Sheila Jackson Lee took to floor, and spouted that this repeal would “kill” Americans. Steve Cohen compared the GOP to Goerbells and Nazi Germany.

      The Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, challenged Sen. Harry Reid on the bill. Reid has steadfastly said that he will not bring the bill to the floor for debate or a vote. Cantor said that if Reid was so sure that he would be able to keep ObamaCare alive in the Senate, bring it to a vote. Let the American public see where the 100 Senators stand. Remember, though, that 23 of the Democrat Senators are up for election in 2012, including Claire McCaskill, Sen. Ben Nelson, and Sen. Bill Nelson.

      I believe that our healthcare system needs reform. But we cannot do a “piecemeal” amending of the ObamaCare legislation. First and foremost, the legislation puts way too much authority to write the regulations in the hands of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and her new bureacracy of over 160 new agencies. Then, as Nancy Pelosi had said, we have to find out what is in the bill. If everything that they crammed into this monstrosity is not known, how do you begin to do a piecemeal job to fix it?

        The idea of Repeal and Replace is the proper approach. And any reform MUST include TORT REFORM to make sure that the frivolous lawsuits are dealt with. Before we consider a single-payor option, or government exchanges, let us see the government tackle the fraud and abuse concerns of the Medicare program. After all, this is the bureacracy that sends payments to dead individuals, or checks to prisoners.

        REAL REFORM to healthcare is necessary, but OBAMACARE was not the answer.