Now that Fox News contributor Juan Williams has been dropped from National Public Radio, the liberal website Media Matters for America is now targeting Mara Liasson, the last remaining NPR correspondent who works with Fox News. 

“NPR’s Mara Liasson and her long-running association with Fox News has often raised questions. This might be the proper time for NPR to finally address that thorny issue,” wrote Media Matters columnist Eric Boehlert Thursday in a post entitled “What about Mara Liasson?” “[I]f you look at NPR’s code of ethics, there’s simply no way Liasson should be making appearances on Fox.”

Boehlert cited an official NPR document that says employees may not make media appearances that are “harmful to the reputation of NPR or the NPR participant” or “where the employee’s appearance may appear to endorse the agenda of a group or organization.”

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