The creation of the Federal Department of Education is one of the biggest travesties in the American history. The schools in the USA are run by the states. The Local Governments license their teachers, approve the curriculum programs and manage the school system including buildings equipment, transportation, and food. Every problem and every question a mother or a student has can be answered on a State level. The school system is funded by state income, sale and property taxes. Federal government just sprinkles billions of dollars on the top of the education pie to spice it up a bit.

The intrusion of the Federal government in education began when Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education as a separate cabinet seat. Ronald Reagan tried to close the new bureaucratic monstrosity, but was stopped by the democrats running the House.

There is absolutely no need for Federal Department of Education. The Feds are trying to duplicate the State Education Board’s functions and that is costing the tax-payers billions of dollars.

All presidents after Reagan kept the Education Department going. We thought George W Bush pushed our spending limits with his “No child left behind” nonsense. If we only knew what Barack Obama had in mind for the education?

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