Crist Capades

By on 12.14.09 @ 6:08AM

Question: Is Florida Governor Charlie Crist a Republican or a Democrat? 
Answer: Yes. Depending on what’s popular at the moment. Just as one can estimate the time of day by watching heliotropic plants as they lean toward the sun, one can tell an election is nearing when Charlie “Rorschach” Crist starts changing his positions, leaning in the direction of what’s popular.

Taking a page from Flip Wilson’s Reverend Leroy, Crist belongs to the Political Church of What’s Happenin’ Now.” He’s rotating his political stock, to insure that the freshest ideas from polls and focus groups are what he puts out front for the voting public. This is easy enough for a politician who, as Crist has repeatedly demonstrated, has no philosophical core beyond the core belief that he belongs in high office.

As Crist now wishes to be a U.S. Senator from Florida, the public he’s most interested in is Republican primary voters, who this year are suffering from an acute case of RINO fatigue. The flavor of the year is clearly conservatism. So a revision of Crist’s recent political career, which has been at least as Democrat-friendly as it has been conservative since Charlie was handed the keys to Florida’s governor’s mansion in 2007, is much in need if Crist is to prevail over conservative former Florida House speaker Marco Rubio in an August primary. The latest polls show Crist maintains a lead over the lesser known Rubio. But that lead is disappearing faster than beer at a frat party.

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