From Founding Bloggers:

The Democratic Socialists are going to have a field day with this one!

Documentary filmmaker John Ziegler was tossed from WCPAC after ambushing David Keane about his treatment of Sarah Palin, his friendship with Arlen Specter, and allegations that his opinion was for sale to Fedex for millions of dollars.

For back story on the whole conflict, check out Gateway Pundit. Jim Hoft was there when it all went down.

Conclude what you will about John Ziegler’s behavior. With a flare for pointing out the obvious, we predict people will be deeply divided about what unfolded.

We would simply like to point out the profound irony on display in this set of videos. In the first clip, David Keane explains his critical comments toward Sarah Palin (2:15) by making the case that Sarah shouldn’t have let all of the negative press get to her. That was her failure according to Mr. Keane.

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