The left has taken great offense to having Hitler Moustaches painted onto the face of Barack Obama, or to any comparisons of his rhetoric to the German dictator. Do I believe that Barack Obama has a mission to destroy or kill millions of innocent people? Absoultely NOT. But was that Hitler’s initial intention? Of that, history will have to decide.

     What is important is that Germany has gone to greta lengths to make sure they understand how their ancestors followed the charismatic Hitler into his diabolical world. Thus it is important that, given the little know background of Barack Obama, and the ideology of those he surrounds himself with as his closest advisors, the comparisons be understood, and we make sure that the American people, this great Republic, do not fall victim to those who would seek to alter this great Nation.

       Instead of being offended by the comparisons, the left should question Obama on the similarities.

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