As Glenn Beck said on his show several times this week, violence will not further any cause. That was the philosophy of the Rev. Martin Luther King as well, and it was the cause for strife among his ranks. But it has been predicted in various places that this would be a harsh summer, and I believe that the White House is precipitating this situation, with their rhetoric and their actions. Usually I post a portion of an article and provide the link for the reader to follow up on the “rest of the story”. I will provide the link to this one, but I am posting the entire post becuase of its importance. “Let me be clear”, the media will show this to be the angry mob and orchestrated by the GOP crazies…… it is NOT…… this is the Chicago machinations at their best!!

Yesterday, I Had One Message: “There Will Be Blood” Tonight, Drudge Validates Me – Update WITH RAW VIDEO: Dem Thugs Beat Up Black Republican

August 7th, 2009 Posted By Pat Dollard.


UPDATED: I just got this message from a colleague in St. Louis: “The Dems crossed a line today. Their union thugs just beat up a black voter on our side.”

Yesterday, I published and re-published, the following message everywhere, twittering and emailing and im’ing, as well. It became the title and theme of my BTR show, “The Jihadi Killer Hour”, last night. I don’t care how limited these first violent confrontations were, if you listen to the show, you’ll understand my point in full detail and context. This first fight between an average citizen and a Leftist revolutionary precisely marks the direction this country is headed. The civil war is here my friends – – I sincerely hope you are ready. This is not a call to arms, it is the legitimate product of a legitimate political and social analyst. We are at war, so far limited to a propaganda, cultural, and political war, but if the trends I discuss below continue unabated, then my dispassionate, objective analysis is that this country is going to be torn by nothing less than an entirely unpredictable level of violent conflict fitting the most traditional definition of war.

Here’s what I wrote yesterday:

You are going to learn one thing by the end of August: the media are engaged in a mostly successful conspiracy to deny you a say in the American political process. You have been shut out. And if they are willing to fabricate news stories which say you either don’t exist or are a paid advocate of insurance companies, then they, and the administration, are clearly willing to also literally steal your vote at the ballot box. If they are willing to deny you a fair hearing of your concerns and opinions in the political debate, then why would you think they would be unwilling to deny you your vote?

The media fabricating a news story of this magnitude is one of the most tyrannical crimes in history.

You can deny people an election result. That, they will accept as fair.

But you cannot deny them a voice in the political process, you cannot deny them their fair hearing. That, they will accept only as a literal act of war.

I predict there will be blood in September.

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