Dr. Orly Taitz, the attorney for a group of Plaintiff’s challenging Barack Obama’s Presidential eligibility, physically delivered her case filings to the Department of Justice and to the Supreme Court yesterday. This step was required because although having all files signed for in the past, it has recenty come to light that additional briefs and filings have allegedly been imprperly routed in the Supreme Court system, prompting a request for an FBI investigation.

      From Dr. Taitz’ blog:

USDOJ: Office of Solicitor General AND SCOTUS!

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.  just received a phone call from Karen Thornton at the Department of Justice.  She stated that all of Orly’s documents and filings have been forwarded to the Office of Solicitor General, Elena Kagan.  That includes all three Dossiers, the Quo Warranto Easterling v. Obama aka Soetoro.  Please show your support that we want these matters and investigations looked into immediately, 202-514-2203.
Elena Kagan
Elena Kagan, Office of Solicitor General

Coincidently, after Dr. Taitz called me with that update, she received another call from Officer Giaccino at the Supreme Court.  Officer Giaccino stated both pleadings have been received and being analyzed now.  Also, Justice Roberts must be back because the Officer also stated that all the documents that were given to Chief Justice Roberts at Idaho University are now at the Supreme Court and are also being analyzed.  We will be notified tomorrow after 1:00pm EST as to whether they will be on the docket at the Supreme Court.

Special Note:   The Solicitor General Elena Kagan was formerly the Dean of the Harvard Law School with longtime ties to President Barack Obama.