I still haven’t figured out how HIV and chlamydia testing create jobs and be a part of the economic stimulus package, They House seems to have got the message that sod on the National Mall and birth control part of the package, and they were removed.

    Our lawmakers spent the afternoon hashing over the manner that the President’s economic package is being assembeed, and the “pork” that has been built right within it. The Republican leadership had tried earlier in the day to garner support for their alternative proposals.

     At the end of the day, while Barack and Michelle waited in the Executive Mansion to host a cocktail party for the lawmakers to celebrate the first step of the package (Remember Nancy Pelosi said “We won, so we write it”), the bipartisan support that the President went to Capitol Hill for seems to have failed to materialize. In the end, NOT ONE REPUBLICAN voted FOR THE PACKAGE.

      Why was it so important for Obama to have Republicans, at least some, on his “Yea” side? It seems that in 1993, after his 1992 election, Bill Clinton sought Repubilcan support for his quick economic package. He failed to get ANY, just as Obama has done, and Newt Gingrich led the Republicans to a midterm election OVERHAUL!!!

      On a side note, Congress last week, expanded the health care package for children that are not covered under health insurance plans, paying for it with an increase on tobacco taxes. Analysts have said that to pay for this plan, there needs to be 250,000 additional smokers added to our present base of smokers. In their infinite wisdom, in the economic stimulus package that was voted on today, there is a provision for $75 million dollars for “SMOKING CESSATION” programs!!