Sen. Barack Obama was raised with several male role models in minor roles in his life, with perhaps the only major male role model in his early life being his maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham. He writes that in his teen years, his grandfather introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis to provide him a male role model of the black race. But the two primary role models in his life in his early year were his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and even moreso, his grandmother, Madelyn “Toot” Dunham. Yet, his book is not about them or their influence on him, per se, but of a man he barely knew and who basically played no paternal role in his life whatsoever.

Barack Obama with his grandfather Stanley Dunham

     I mention “Dreams of My Father”, first published in 1995 when Obama was first starting out in his political career, because in a brief citing, he mentions one item that has haunted him for months- his birth certificate.

    On Page 26 of “Dreams of My Father”, Obama writes:

 “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school,”

     While this brief quote does not state WHAT article it is that Obama found, it does mention that he found it WITH his BIRTH CERTIFICATE. This would have been in the mid 70’s, so this birth certificate would not have been a computer generated document.

     This means absolutely nothing except in the context that the campaign has been dogged by questions about the birth certificate since last Spring, and while they have posted a birth certificate, it is not the original. This statement shows that Obama has seen the original, and that it was in the apartment where he lived, and where his grandmother still resides.

Barack with his Kenyan grandmother

      I do not necessarily believe that Obama was born in Kenya, even if Grandma Obama says she was present for the birth, but I believe that Obama’s failure to address this concern over his birth certificate has created or added to the theories about his heritage. There is obviously a reason that the Senator does not want to show his original birth certificate. Yes, there is no requirement for Obama to do so, but would it not have been more prudent to have done so? I see this as just one more reason why Obama has not been said to have “closed the deal” yet— check tonight’s polls!!