A West Palm Beach, FL television station has joined the small but growing number of media outlets that are considered a part of the Mainstream Media (MSM) that have reported on the citizenship issues surrounding Sen. Barack Obama.

     In a recent news story on the Philip Berg v. Barack Obama lawsuit, which the Obama campaign has tried to have dismissed and has tried to block any discovery requests, as well as the case recently filed against the State of Washington Secretary of State, reporter Jamie Holmes highlighted both cases in the story.

     Dr. Robert Watson, a political analyst for WPTV, says that while he views these internet stories as primarily “conspiracy theorists”, the subject comes up at EVERY speaking engagement that he has. He further noted that the story has an extremely “rabid and contentious” following online, with proponents on each side of the issue. (I would figure he has seen the way that the Obama bloggers attack en masse).

      The WPTV story also spoke with a West Palm Beach attorney, Brian Smith, who has followed the story from its legal standpoint. First and foremost, Mr. Smith makes it clear that he is a registered Independent. On his blog, he has said that Berg’s filings on October 22nd for a Motion of Summary Judgment is “huge” from a legal perspective because, as stated in the motion, the Obama camp failed to comply with the discovery requests or appropriately object, and thus Berg’s allegations are essentially deemed as true as a matter of law.

      Quoting Dr. Watson, “At this point I think Obama should answer the question. In politics, perception is reality, …. I think he needs to address it”.



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