Sen. Joe Biden’s weekend statement about the testing of Barack Obama’s “mettle” with an international crisis within six months of an Obama inauguration has had the Obama camp on the defensive, Biden himself trying to clarify the remarks, Gen. Colin Powell’s Obama endorsement a lackluster news story, and the McCain camp using it to its fullest.

    FOX News and other media outlets have analyzed and dissected the story from every angle.

    Yet, NBC and MSNBC, primarily through the tainted journalistic ethics of Andrea Mitchell, have failed to show the news story in the full perspective that the others have. Ms. Mitchell, whose liberal leanings have become far more evident since her husband, Alan Greenspan (the former Fed Chairman), retired, portrayed the Biden clip as the Delaware Senator praising his running mate’s strength as a President. He has a “strong spine” was one of Biden’s characterizations. Never did NBC show that part of the clip that highlighted Biden’s primary campaign thoughts about Obama’s lack of experience for the Presidency.

      Again today, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough was discussing the story, but the producers only played the same clip that Andrea Mitchell had played. To Scarborough’s credit, he stated that the “wrong clip” was played, and then he explained what the context of Biden’s remarks implied.

      This is the statement from the McCain-Palin campaign regarding NBC’s outright disregard for journalism:

A statement from McCain-Palin spokesman Michael Goldfarb:


“Joe Biden’s commented on Sunday that Barack Obama’s election as President would, within six months, result in ‘an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.’ Biden further added that the American people would not perceive Barack Obama’s response to this crisis as correct. ‘It’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right,’ he said. Biden’s remarks capture perfectly the message of this campaign: Barack Obama is too risky, too inexperienced, to serve as commander in chief–that his election by itself will provoke our enemies, and that his brief record raises serious questions as to how an Obama administration would respond to such a challenge.

“This campaign highlighted Biden’s remarks throughout the day yesterday. We held a conference call with Mayor Giuliani who asked what Joe Biden meant. We released a statement highlighting Biden’s remarks and asking what kind of crisis his unconditional meetings with the leaders of rogue states might provoke. Our surrogates and spokesmen also noted the comments in radio and TV appearances. Yet on NBC Nightly News last night, when Andrea Mitchell reported on Biden’s remarks, she failed to play the relevant portion–the portion that this campaign and a variety of news outlets had found controversial, or revealing as the case may be. Instead, Ms. Mitchell played a tape of Joe Biden talking about how Barack Obama has ‘steel in his spine.’

“This morning, on MSNBC, the network again aired the tape of Biden, and again they aired the segment in which Joe Biden heaps praise on his running mate. But Joe Scarborough noted that the network had played the wrong clip, and that what Joe Biden said directly reflects the central criticism this campaign has made of Barack Obama: that his inexperience, his poor judgment, and his foreign policy proposals will, in Joe Biden’s words, ‘guarantee’ a crisis.

“So how is it that NBC repeatedly failed to play those remarks?”


During the Republican National Convention, Andrea Mitchell reported from the floor of the convention. At no time in her broadcasts did she report in anything but a biased nature, blatantly disrespectful to every person she spoke with on the floor.

Perhaps it is time for BOTH Andrea Mitchell and the divisive Keith Olbermann to call it QUITS.

Added Note: Sen. McCain, while using this Biden gaffe on the campaign trail, has personalized it by addig his own international test, as a pilot staring down at Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis in 1963. “I have been tested” is a part of his mantra.