The African Press blog has been inundated with emails and comments since it first stated last week that they had been contacted by Michelle Obama regarding disparaging stories about Barack Obama’s citizenship. As the API has noted, they knew there would an interest in their story, but they were not prepared for the brutal attacks that the Obama campaign and their supporters have initiated.

     After carefully reviewing their materials, the API today is stating that they are being represented by the Law Office of Philip Berg, Esq. Mr Berg, of course, has a lawsuit against Obama and the DNC pending in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Federal Court, challenging Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to be President. There has not been a confirmation of this representation on Mr. Berg’s website ( ).

     America’s Right ( ) has acknowledged that he has spoken with Mr. Berg, and that information will be forthcoming. His blogsite says that Mr. Berg did acknowledge that he has been retained to represent API regarding any legal ramifications upon the release of this tape.

     If this story is credible, it would appear that Sen. Obama would have no choice but to address the issues that Mr. Berg has raised, in conjunction with the alleged contents of Mrs. Obama’s conversation with API. It strike me as odd that the Obama campaign so quickly responded to the initial story, and has not subsequently added it to their “Fight the Smears” pages.

     Since time is of the essence, this may be the catalyst that the Court needs to move on Mr. Berg’s motions. Should get very interesting!