“Nowhere but in America would my story be possible.”

      Both Barack and Michelle Obama have taken the liberty to use this phrase, in interviews and in their speeches. In actuality, it is the same for all of us, for this country offers more opportunities than perhaps any other nation.

Michelle Obama’s childhood home in Chicago: a few silver spoons, she would quip!

     Michelle Obama does have that “American fabric” story, as a descendant of slaves from the Civil War era, she is the daughter of two hard working Black Americans who raised their son and daughter during the tumultous civil rights movement era. Her father worked and struggled, even when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She once remarked that they had “silver spoons” – one for each of them– which was obviously a comment meant to stress that she and Barack had come from simple roots.

      Both Michelle and her brother, Craig (now the Head Basketball Coach at the University of Oregon) went on from high school. Michelle Robinson attended Princeton, and then law school at Harvard. Michelle took the Bar exam in Illinois, and while she did not pass it the first time, she did pass the Bar exam and got her license from the State of Illinois.

Craig Robinson and his little sister, Michelle Obama

      A check of the State of Illinois Bar Association website shows no bar license for “Michelle Robinson” or “Michelle Obama”. It has been reported that Michelle Obama “voluntarily” gave up her law license in 1993, just five years after she got the license.

      Why would a black woman who worked at a prestigious law firm in Chicago, who had graduated from one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, and who had endured the grueling task of sitting for the bar exam TWICE, then voluntarily give up her law license?

     Many who have been admitted to the Bar go on to pursue other careers, but because of the process to get the law license, they usually maintain it in good standing. Barack Obama has placed his law license into “inactive” status since his campaign began.

      While it has no bearing on Barack Obama, per se, it makes one very curious as to why this educated woman “voluntarily” gave up her law license!!